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Journey for children


A Journey process for children is like an internal adventure, which is why children usually enjoy it so much. It is suitable for children from about the age of five.

Sitting comfortably, usually with their eyes closed, the child is taken somewhere where is an old painful memory of when they felt sad, upset, hurt or alone. Through a gentle, process they are able to release all the stored pain. This promotes healing on all levels - phisical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Journey therapy successfully helps children heal from chronic illnesses and alergies and also helps very effectively with educational needs and learning difficulties such as ADHD, ADD, OCD or dyslexia.

Journey therapy can help children overcome even such traumatic events such as divorce, byllying or death of a close person or a pet.

 A Journey process with your child could be done either in person or on Skype.

A Journey process for children is much shorter than a process with an adult - typically one session is up to 60 minutes long.

Before your child attends their first Journey session, a short consultation with parents or guardians is required. This could be done over the phone, in person, by email or via Skype.

Any other consultation with parents or guardians will take place if or when needed.


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